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Penn-Cumberland Garden Club
Organized 1959   Federated 1960

Benefit Luncheon
This annual holiday event is a fundraiser to support community projects and scholarships and involves the entire membership in various roles. Click here to view a slide show of Benefit 2009.

Birds/Wildflowers/Butterflies & Conservation Committees
These committees work closely with each other to offer educational opportunities and to keep the entire membership informed in order to act favorably on environmental issues. Almost all members save and bring postage stamps for our on-going collection for the Florida Audubon Society’s Raptor Rehabilitation Center. Supplies, materials, and educational programs are provided to various area hospitals, retirement communities, schools and children’s centers.

Civic Development
Recent community landscape projects include plantings at several area libraries, parks, a post office and other community facilities. Projects have also included Habitat for Humanity plantings, an inner city Headstart Center planting, and memorial tree plantings. This committee also provides on-going maintenance at some previous planting sites.

Penn-Cumberland Garden Club contributions support NGC and GCFP projects, as well as community projects are made each year, depending on funds available. In addition, we provide contributions to at least three area libraries and support Audubon of Pennsylvania, Capital Area Greenbelt Association, Central PA Conservancy, Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Assn., Friends of Wildwood Lake Sanctuary, Nature Conservancy, Rehabitat, Inc., Sierra Club of PA and Susquehanna River School. We have also made contributions to the Hershey Children’s Garden and the Children’s 9/11 Memorial Peace Garden in Shenksville, PA.

Flower Arranger's Guild
The Flower Arranger's Guild is made up of members who are interested in learning how to arrange flowers according to the National Council Handbook for Flower Shows, and provides arrangements for special club events throughout the year.

Ongoing Events & Activities
"Sow Seeds of Service and Growth"

Garden Therapy
Gardening projects and crafts delight preschool children at the Capital Area Children’s Center for children with special needs. “The Garden Ladies” as they are affectionately called, work faithfully with the children each month to share their knowledge and love of nature.

Junior Gardening
This committee works to introduce our youth to their environment, plants and wildlife through projects and by example. Monthly meetings with grade school children involve a faithful core of dedicated gardeners.

Plant Sale
The entire membership supports our plant sales by providing and buying plants, seedlings, bulbs, cuttings and seeds. Monies collected support our contributions to the NGC World Gardening/Natural Disasters as well as community projects approved by our board and membership.

Pressed Flower Designers
This popular committee meets monthly and involves many members, providing knowledge and appreciation of plants, as well as techniques for creating works of art. Sales of pressed flower creations benefit the club and provide income to share with the community.

A yearbook and four newsletters are published annually to keep members informed. A membership flyer is kept current to provide information to prospective members and a club website provides another source of information about club activities.

Scholarships are awarded to students for the study of horticulture, forestry, landscape design and related subjects at colleges and universities and for club members taking State and/or National courses.  These scholarships are subject to availability of funds, largely derived from our annual Benefit Luncheon, and board approval.

Penn-Cumberland Garden Club sponsors applicants for the 10 Federated Garden Club of Pennsylvania scholarships available for High School and College students studying Horticulture or a related subject.  More information is available by contacting the PCGC Scholarship Chairman.

Sale of Note Cards
Artist and member Ursula Curtis has generously provided note cards of her original artwork to be offered for sale by the club. The sale of these attractive note cards provides another source of income to benefit our club and community projects.

Landscape Plantings
Penn-Cumberland Garden Club members provide landscape plantings at a local post office, and at Bricker House, a community facility where many of our workshops are held. In addition, several tree plantings have taken place to honor or memorialize members.

"The very flowers that bend and meet,
In sweetening others, grow more sweet.”

                                                            ~ Holmes

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